I’m very pleased to be able to introduce my new website! Its about 12 years now since I began to develop my art practice as I scaled down the academic work. And I now have a coherent body of work and a forward plan! I started with a number of different themes as I tried to work out where I was going, but during the last four years these have settled into two main ideas: abstract sculptures inspired by organic forms especially those connected with the garden and the coast (can’t think why…) and female figures which are to do with being a woman. There’s a lot here I want to explore, perhaps especially the idea that most images of women are produced by men for men, and what does an image of a woman for a woman look like; but also I want to reconsider the ancient images of women described as womanly images of the Ice Age by the (female) curator of the BM Ice Age Art and Venuses by the (male) archaeologists who dug them up during the Victorian era. I also want to make some slightly bigger pieces and to play around with some hand-building techniques. I do love coiling and have found a way to do it very fast, but there is more to try out here.  Watch this space!!!

I would love it if you got in touch and sent some comments.

Thanks to John Andow for nearly all of the photographs, and to Dave Green, John Eland and Michelle Eland for others.